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Textile Industry

Dyeing And Printing Application In Textile Industries



  • Surat is a textile hub in India and two of the major processes in textile Industries are Dyeing and Printing.
  • Both of these processes consume large quantities of water and there is a need to monitor this consumption for it’s effective and efficient use.
  • Water used in dyeing process is approx. 1000C .
  • At present, most textile industries are modernizing by installing PLC boards for automation and central monitoring.


Our Solution

  • Our range of water meters, which can handle high temperatures and also have pulsar outputs, which can be linked to a PLC board through a F-I converter.



  • Our customer was happy with the complete solution provided by our engineers.
  • Now they have an automated system for their dyeing plants.
  • Since our water meters can handle temperatures up to 1300C, the client was satisfied with the reliability and quality of our product and service.